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Welcome to the website for American University’s Independent Voter Project through COMM-535/GOVT-596, The 2012 Election. This project was assembled by Kent Hiebel, Hayley Miller, Jose Morales, Sarah Morgan, Meagan Shamberger, and Ty Tillett (along with technical assistance from other colleagues in the class).

In this site we talk about the history of independent voting, their involvement in the open and semi-closed primary system, and a quick forecast about how independents are playing arguably the most crucial role in this primary season. Most of this project was compiled before Super Tuesday, or March 6, 2012. We have a special page dedicated to the New Hampshire primary because of our unique opportunity to research and interview there.

We hope you ask these questions to yourself as you look around the site:
• Are independents more relevant today than in past elections, including 2008?
• Do independent voters matter more in New Hampshire than other states in Union?
• Should primary systems open themselves more to independent voters instead of restricting themselves to registered party members?
• How will they mobilize—if at all—in the 2012 election?

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