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Michigan had an unusually high showing of Democrats (9%), which may have led to skewed results. The Democrats that came out to vote in this primary battle were “encouraged” by Democratic groups in the state to vote for Senator Santorum, who garnered 53% of Democrats. This, of course, is unusual considering Santorum has been embraced by conservative Republicans. On the independent voter front, 31% of voters identified as independents with a slim margin coming out for Romney (35%) versus Santorum (34%). Once again, these numbers may have been skewed by interference in the GOP primary by Democratic operatives. Coupled with the surprise among Democratic voters in the GOP primary and the poor independent margin on the part of Romney, Romney managed to win a majority of those that identify as Republican (48% for Romney and 37% for Santorum), as well as a the largest portion of those who identify as conservative (43% versus 41% for Santorum). In addition, Romney made a clean sweep and won those that identified as “moderate/liberal” (39% versus 33% for Santorum), which truly showed off the advantage of the Romney name in Michigan, a state where Mitt Romney’s father was once Governor.

CBS News Exit Poll

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