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New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a state that prides itself on a strong independent electorate. According to the CBS News exit poll from the 2012 Republican Presidential Primary, 47% of likely Republican voters identified as “Independent or something else” while 49% indicated they were “Republican.” Additionally, 45% of the voters indicated that they were “Registered as Undeclared/Independent.” A strong showing by Representative Ron Paul among registered independents (31%) may have drove his second place finish in the states, although Governor Romney was close behind at 30% of independents. Finally, with the question “On most political matters, do you consider yourself…,” keeping with the trend of mid to high 40’s, 47% identified as “Moderate/liberal” while 32% stated they were “Somewhat conservative” and 21% identified as “Very conservative.” These numbers in New Hampshire indicate a strong showing for Governor Romney, considered by many to be a moderate in the Republican party, and ended with the Governor winning 39% of the vote. Congressman Ron Paul, a favorite among large sections of independent voters, came away in second place with 23% of the vote.

CBS News Exit Poll

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