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Vermont was yet another New England state that had been seen as an easy Romney victory. With a 40% to 25% victory over his next closest challenger, Rep. Paul, Gov. Romney continued to move his way towards becoming the presumptive nominee. As a Democratic stronghold, Vermont is not necessarily considered in play for the general but does still have delegates to win. With 50% of those who voted in the Republican primary identifying as Republicans, the conservative wing of the Republican party did not have a strong showing. Of the 50%, 51% voted for Romney with the next closest portion, 25%, voting for Paul. Among the 40% of independents, a plurality of 38% went to Paul and 31% went to Romney. Although the strong showing for Paul among independents did not manage to push him over the top, they did give him a much needed boost to garner 4 delegates. Romney took home the lion’s share with 9 of the 17 delegates. While Rep. Paul’s message appears to resonate among some of the more independent flanks of the Republican party, their tepid support does not seem to have much impact on the overall course of the Republican primary season.

CBS News Exit Poll

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