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Media Analysis

This media analysis, which starts on January 3, 2012 (the Iowa caucus) and ends March 6, 2012 (Super Tuesday), looks at the media’s obsession with independent voters. Independent voters are covered in all forms of media: print, online and broadcast.

Independent voters, while sometimes given the spotlight on their own in the news usually by the local media, fall into the mainstream media mostly when discussing poll data or battleground states. Independent voters can be personally profiled in a story or can be clumped together as one demographic.

Newswires, particularly the Associated Press (AP), have to be the most important in this analysis. The AP has such a large number of subscribers that the articles that are published are republished hundreds of thousands of times (Lexis Nexis only counts each article once).

There was a lot of international coverage on the issue. The coverage, for the most part, was negative, and criticized the US and its confusing election system and the candidates.

We have broken down the analysis deeper in the dropdown menu of this page.

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