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The most coverage of independent voters in the media was in newspapers. Newspapers, including national, regional, local and international papers, covered independent voters on a wide and small scale. National papers focused on poll numbers, big swing states and candidates appeal and how independent voters played a critical role, particularly in regards to more of the hot button issues. Regional papers focused more on the issues in that state and region while still looking at the big picture in regards to the election. Regional papers also tended to have articles that maintained regional importance to its voters. Local, smaller papers focused on personal stories of independent voters in the area, candidate appearances and predictions. International coverage was much like national coverage, except it did not use as many polls or personal anecdotes. A lot of focus was also on President Barack Obama and what influence he will have with independent voters. In summary, it is clear that all newspaper articles, no matter location, did cover candidate appearances, independent voter personal stories and opinions and poll numbers.





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